c.1947 Marx, Exclusive Pressed Steel Triple Truck Boxed Set

c.1947 Marx, Exclusive Pressed Steel Triple Truck Boxed Set

Magnificent museum quality Marx, Triple Truck Boxed Set in spectacular near mint+ to mint condition. Exclusively sold only through Montgomery Ward. All pressed steel and all unused. They're complete with original accessories plus the original box, plus their 3 circular cardboard inserts lined with waxed paper. Found at a recent Chicago Toy Show; I've never seen it before, or knew of its existence.

It includes a Block Truck, a Meadow Brook Dairy Truck, and a Stake Truck. Their body styles are Type 3 as defined by Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys, Volume II. Type 3's have the following characteristics:

  •  streamlined truck, cab, and chassis made from one piece of metal
  •  teardrop fenders with enclosed wheel wells front and rear
  •  bumper, grille, and headlights are one piece of polished embossed tinplate
  •  two factory holes are present above the running boards on both sides
  •  a polished tinplate hood divider is present and the windshield is not divided
  •  wooden wheels (black)
  •  grille has horizontal embossed bars, bumper has bumper guards, teardrop headlights are contoured to the fender shape

Block Truck  - red cab/chassis with blue stake bed stamped "BLOCK TRUCK" with Marx trademark on both sides. Includes its 9 original blocks (2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow, 2 green, 1 orange) contained beneath a red, die cut cardboard panel with silver printed Marx trademark in the center. The panel has its original factory rubber band. Underneath and elevating the blocks is a plain gray die cut platform.

Meadow Brook Dairy Truck - all white cab, chassis, and stake bed stamped with "MEADOW BROOK DAIRY" and milk bottle trademark on both sides. The stake bed is lined with a ½" tall, red, die cut cardboard base with silver printed Marx trademark and diary company name. In the upper center of this base is a 2" tall white opaque glass milk bottle with its original Marx red and white liner cap.

Stake Truck - red cab, red chassis, with silver painted tinplate stake bed.

The box is a plain cardboard pre-printed Montgomery Ward stock box. It's marked only with a Ward "customer substitution sticker" (see photo below) and stamped with catalog number 48-1212. The underside box flaps were opened to remove the trucks. The top flaps are still factory sealed. The three inserts consist of rolled, corrugated cardboard with waxed paper liners.

Size: 10½"

Date Sold: Dec. 2010

Price Sold: $ 2060


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