1955 Tonka Carnation Milk Truck In Original Box

1955 Tonka Carnation Milk Truck In Original Box

Produced under Tonka's early Mound Metalcraft, Inc. name this all-white truck features a split front windshield, sliding side-entrance door with embossed aluminum step, rear opening "barn doors" ... all with aluminum handles, chrome plated steel bumpers and headlights, and solid rubber tread tires with plated steel centers.

Each van side has large authentic 1950s Carnation pasture illustration decal with their slogan "from contented cows". The fenders each haven a smaller authentic "Carnation product" decal. And above the front windshield is a wide text-only "Carnation Milk" decal. The pale yellow Tonka decal is on the underside chassis.

The Box
The product number 750-5 refers to the "metro"-van body design. Tonka reused it for several other company's by altering the color and decals. To consolidate printing the same box was used for the entire 750-5 series. A sticker on the outside of the box would indicate the specific model. In this case a red and white Carnation Milk Truck sticker was used. Incredibly, this boxed truck still has all six original stickers in place. One set of endflaps is still factory sealed.

Size: 12" x 5¼" x 6¾"

Date Sold: Oct. 2010

Price Sold: $ 1045


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