1925 McDowell Clockwork Loop The Loop In Original Box

1925 McDowell Clockwork Loop The Loop In Original Box

Fantastic double-ended clockwork toy called "Loop The Loop" manufactured by McDowell Mfg. Co., Pittsburgh, PA. Only the second example I've found with its original box.

Toy is steel, not tin litho. and is brightly enameled in four different colors. It runs for a long time using an unusually complex triple gear mechanism powered by a tightly wound ribbon spring and lead fly wheel. The flywheel causes the motor to work for a long time by using its own inertia for power.

The toy is double-ended; that is it runs alternately backwards and forwards without rewinding. This lends itself to a symmetrical design with one end identical to the other. Of course, to remain symmetrical it needs a symmentrical coaster-car. In this case two opposite seated coaster-car "men" seated on a small 2½" car. The guys are articulated at the hips, shoulders, and hands giving them a realistic "pumping" motion.

Movement is accomplished by pivoting the entire track upwards to the right or left. The fulcrum, or center axle located at the top of the loop is its pivoting point. Right and left, up and down; the coaster car travels from one end to the other while completing an upside-down loop the loop, either forwards or backwards. I ran it through 20 cycles and it worked beautifully!

Loop the Loop consists of two removable track sections, a green base with attached pivoting loop and clockwork motor, and the coaster car. The base is stamped with the manufacturer's name and address. I found an advertisement for the toy in the 1925 Butler Brother catalog. Wholesale price was $1.10.

The two piece box was printed with a three color finely detailed illustration of the actual toy. Direction and manufacturer name were printed on opposite lower corners. The name of the toy appears on all four box aprons. I should also mention that this box grades much higher than the one I found several years ago.

Size: 28" assembled

Date Sold: Oct. 2010

Price Sold: $ 710


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