c.1925 Girard, 2 Halloween Owl Fortune Teller Disks

c.1925 Girard, 2 Halloween Owl Fortune Teller Disks

Unusual steel and tin litho Owl Fortune Teller Spinners manufactured by Girard. Produced most likely during the mid-1920s. Called "What The Stars Say" it correlates your horoscope sign with the current date to "predict" YOUR future.

Never having seen these "things" before I couldn't believe it when I found two different variations of them. The lithography details are identical. Each features a large owl in the center of the disk seated on a leafless dead tree limb with a huge Autumn moon in the background.

One disk is orange and black with an olive green background. It has a brass finished knob in the center. The other is white, robin's egg blue, yellow, and black. It uses a blue lithoed knob.

Both are "interpreted" the same way. Around the perimeter are the signs of the Zodiac. Using the knob in the center the objective is to line up, or correlate your Zodiac Sign with the current date by rotating the owl wheel. Your "fortune" is read through the oblong die cut window.

The rotating disk is housed inside a large "container" disk so it's all one piece; nothing to lose. The owl disk is tin, while the housing is steel. The fortunes for each date for both wheels are identical.

Size: 5½" diameter. Center knob is 1" tall.

Date Sold: Oct. 2010

Price Sold: $ 82


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