1935 9pc. Depression Glass Dessert Set In Original Box

1935 9pc. Depression Glass Dessert Set In Original Box

Unusual pre-war Japan 9pc. green depression glass, children's dessert set complete with original box and insert.

Contains 4 saucers, 4 cups, and 1 compote-like pieces. They're pressed, green, translucent glass zig-zag markings around the edges. The edges are rounded but some excess glass remains. The underside of each piece is embossed "JAPAN". None of the pieces are damaged. However they each have lots of bubbles, stress lines, voids, raised mold lines, and so on due to the whatever process was used to manufacturer them.

The nine pieces are set into a glossy yellow die-cut cardboard insert. The insert rests inside a simple cardboard box which is lined on the outside with black and orange vertical stripes. The inside is lined with pink paper. The cover has a similar striped colored edging. The top of the cover has a print of a bucolic scene showing a young girl, boy, and a large white rabbit wearing a pink bow tie seated at a table. The perfect amenities of white tablecloth, vase with flowers, and all the utensils and dishware you'd expect to see in a make-believe world are in place.

It's marked "Dessert Set" across the top. "Made In Japan" was printed in the lower right corner. Just above it and below the rabbit's chair is the original manufacturer's trademark; a lucky horseshoe with a horse head in the center. I could not identify it.

Size: Box 4-7/8" x 4-3/8" x 1-1/8". Saucer 1-3/8" diameter. Cup 5/8" tall. 1-1/8" diameter, Compote 7/8" tall. 1-1/8" diameter.

Date Sold: Nov. 2009

Price Sold: $ 203


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