1958 Structo No. 250 Hydraulic Dump Truck In Original Box

1958 Structo No. 250 Hydraulic Dump Truck In Original Box

Heavy duty pressed steel Hydraulic Dump Truck by Structo with all original paint and parts. Comes complete with original box.

The model was first produced in 1955 with tandem tires, hood lifts up, plastic engine, and split windshield. By 1958, its final production year, these features had been discontinued. The company continued to produce the hydraulic dump truck into the early 70s, but 1958 was the last all-steel model.

It has a deep cherry red cab and trailer frame, a creme colored dump bed, and red tail gate. A hydraulic cylinder underneath the dump bed compresses in the down position. Manually releasing the lever behind the driver's door allows the air inside the tube to expand which raises the bed. Once in the raised position the tail gate swings open automatically.

Other features include a polished tin plated front bumper, a simple one-piece plated metal grille and headlight assembly, and black rubber tires with polished metal centers. It has all three factory original decals which are complete. That's unusual considering the size of the "Hydraulically Operated" decal on the forward edge of the dump bed. The other decals include the Structo label on the front hood and "Hydraulic Controls" on the driver's door.

The original box was printed with side views of three different heavy duty Structo trucks; one on each panel. The fourth panel was printed with two vehicle silhouettes, fragile, and other information. One end is still factory sealed.

Size: 20¼" x 7¾" x 7"

Date Sold: Nov. 2010

Price Sold: $ 185


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