1965 Buddy L, "Riding Academy Horse Van" In Original Box

1965 Buddy L,

This is another unused pressed steel truck I purchased from an attic find in Indiana. It's a beautiful Buddy L, Riding Academy Horse Van or truck. It's got all three horses and is complete with original box with insert.

Like the other toys from the collection it was bought by an elderly couple in the early 1960s for their grandchildren to play with. It was promptly stored, unused, and forgotten until several months ago. It's interesting to point out that although many of the toy boxes still had mailing labels this was the only one [I bought] with the complete name and address of the original owners.

This Riding Academy horse van (1965 - 1967) was the second of 5 versions produced by Buddy L from 1964 through 1975. The cab and enclosed van with roof are maroon, with 2 white ramps, and a one-piece bumper with slotted grille and double headlights. The ramps are sealed with their original factory masking tape although the one in the rear separated due to brittleness.

It has a blue tinted wrap around plastic front windshield, plus a separate rear windshield which nearly encloses the entire cab. The van has a tinted plastic dome and stall dividers. It has its 3 original horses; mare, stallion, and colt. The tires are solid vinyl with whitewalls and chrome plated metal centers.

Each side of the van has a large "Riding Academy" decal with jumping horse and rider. Buddy L decals are on both cab doors.

The green and white box was printed with black illustrations of the Van on the lower half of both endflaps along with the catalog number. One of the large side panels has two original shipping labels; the smaller is an REA Express label (from the manufacturer to the J.C. Penny distributor), and a second from J.C. Penny to the owner. It has its original tent-shaped insert.

Size: 18½".

Date Sold: May 2010

Price Sold: $ 405


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