1950 Kenton Overland Circus Bear Cage In Original Box

1950 Kenton Overland Circus Bear Cage In Original Box

Magnificent "museum quality" example of Kenton's cast iron Overland Circus Bear Cage in incredible near mint+ condition. Paint and parts are 100% original. AND it comes complete with its elusive original box and insert. Awesome toy easily grades as the best example I've seen.

After WWII Kenton resurrected some of their earlier, but not outdated pre-war designs, in an attempt to compete with fierce competition from plastic and tinplate toys. One of these was their double beautiful horse-drawn "Circus Cage" with "Two Horses". Briefly available in 1941 it resurfaced in 1950-51. The later toy typically substituted rubber for metal wheels on the two horses.

The toy consists of an ornately scrolled red and gold circus wagon cage with separate yellow frame and silver and yellow wheels. It holds a single, brilliant white polar bear and has a rear drop-down gate. It has its original wagon-master driver with dark blue body, gold hat, and pink hands/face.

The Cage is pulled by a team of two bright white horses trimmed with gold painted harnesses and blinders. The pair has their original brass finished linked chain, rubber wheels and original reins. Each horse has its original trainer-rider figure with red body, gold hat, and pink hands/face.

Embossed markings: Inside top scrolls of wagon (both sides) "Made in U.S.A.". Wagon frame "Made in U.S.A, 3314, 3315?.

The box is oblong shaped with cardboard color tan exterior and black interior. It's complete with all eight original top and bottom flaps and its original cardboard insert. The side of the box has its original [and correct] Kenton Toys end label.

Size: 14"

Date Sold: Sept. 2010

Price Sold: $ 748


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