1954 Wyandotte Sand Loader Dump Truck In Original Box

1954 Wyandotte Sand Loader Dump Truck In Original Box

Spectacular two-piece pressed steel Sand Loader & Dump Truck manufactured by Wyandotte! Unbelievable, unused, unplayed with store stock in near mint+ condition. Comes complete with awesome high grade original box. Fantastic set, not to mention that it's also one of the more difficult pieces to find all complete!

Again, this is another toy that I purchased from the grandson of the original store owner. Until recently it had never been removed from the original box. And yes, as deep, bold, and strong as these colors look they actually are like that in person!

Of course the "play" objective of a set like this was to load sand into the yellow conveyor scoop. Wind the crank (which makes a loud grinding noise) until it reaches the top, automatically turns upside down dumping its load into the orange hopper. Once filled, the yellow hopper door is released allowing the sand to fill into the waiting dump truck. With all this you can imagine in real life that the original paint probably last less than a millisecond. And it is complete as you see it. Unlike some of the Wolverine Sandy Andy's it did not come with a sand can.

The truck is a cab-over engine style embossed, and lithographed in dark green and yellow. It features a gorgeous black and yellow checkerboard emblem on both sides. Beautifully contrasting these colors is the black and white embossed front grille assembly. Adding to it's visual charms are the yellow trailer and deep orange dump bed with yellow tail gate. It has a manual dump bed lever which has never been used. The tires are solid black rubber.

The sand loader uses a steel rod frame to combine the hopper and conveyor sections into a functioning unit. Solid, stark colors were used throughout (yellow, deep green, and orange). It has its original crank, grinder sound clicker, black wooden pulley, and two-color twisted cotton cord. The top of the conveyor is notched to allow ample time for the shovel to dump its load. Best of all are the original Wyandotte Construction Company decals on each side of the hopper. Both are 100% complete.

The box features a wonderful full panel, front and back, red, white, and blue illustration of the actual toy in action. Side panels show the set again, but in use by a happy grinning "youngster". The top flap was printed with the toy name. The bottom flap is blank.

Size: 10-¾" long, Sand Loader 10½" tall.

Date Sold: Oct. 2009


Price Sold: $ 345


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