1939 Hafner, Copper Plated Clockwork Train Set In Original Box

1939 Hafner, Copper Plated Clockwork Train Set In Original Box

Fantastic five piece clockwork pressed steel and tin litho wind-up train set by Hafner featuring an unusual copper plated streamlined locomotive with matching tender. Beautiful set easily grades excellent+ to near mint and most likely was never played with. Includes original Hafner box with insert, plus track schematic sheet and packing slip. Not a spot of rust anywhere on the toy.

#1010 Locomotive - streamlined design with unusual combination of flat green enameled pressed steel riveted with die cut, embossed copper plating. Features embossed spoke metal wheels with side rods, handrailing, bell, original key, steel clockwork housing, rear coupler, and stop/start lever. Boiler "adornments" including the front, sides and top strip with domes which are all finished with copper plating. Size: 8?.

Tender - two tier fender with flat green tin lithoed body and copper finish overlay. Rivet heads embossed on sides with Hafner logo in the center. Polished tin metal wheels with polished center support (on the underside). Size: 5½".

No.1010 Tank Car - Silver tin litho with black details and scarlet die cut sides. Classic "double kidney" shape. Includes original embossed hatch cover, chromolithographed contoured side ladders, wrap around siderailing, polished tin wheels, polished and embossed Hafner center support. Size: 6½".

No.13788 Gondola - Die cut olive green tin litho with scarlet red interior, plus scarlet red die cut ends with integrated ladders. Litho closer to the frame (wheels) was lithoed black. Wheels are polished tin. Size: 6?.

No. 3057 Caboose - Die cut red body with four windows and two doors on each side, plus die cut steps. Raised roof with riveted center strips. Hafner text lithoed red on pale yellow background. Tin polished metal wheels. Hafner embossed center support on the underside. Size: 6-¾?.

Track - AWESOME  most of its original polished tin surfaces remain. Includes 10 x 10? curves, 4 x 10? straights, and 2 x 10? switcher tracks for a total of over 13 feet of track. And not a spot of rust on any piece. Some of the best pre-war tracks I've seen.

Box - two piece heavy cardboard with single color dark red printed images. Wonderful twin locomotive Hafner logo on the cover. One of the ends is stamped with No. 713F. Size: Approx. 12? x 16? x 3?.

Insert: 5 section accordion style with die cut all. Intact and without any tears.

Hafner track layout sheet and packing slip

Date Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 837


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