1956 Linemar Chevrolet Bel Air Fire Chief Car In Original Box

1956 Linemar Chevrolet Bel Air Fire Chief Car In Original Box

Unused and unplayed; Chevrolet Bel-Air 4-door sedan Fire Chief Car in pristine mint condition. Toy had never worked and became unsold store stock. I've had it repaired and now everything works beautifully. All parts are original. Comes complete with original box which is in incredible near mint condition, with insert and packing paper. Curiously, the box image shows a 1955 Chevy Bel-Air.

The auto is an accurate rendition of an actual Chevy Bel-Air. It's all tin litho metal, including the battery holder and has no plastic parts. It features forward/reverse movement, remote steering (which works), flashing red emergency roof light (original bulb), and metal fender siren (which also works).

Of course being a Fire Chief Car the body is fiery red throughout. Doors, fenders, hoods, and window dividers are embossed. The red body is beautifully contrasted with loads of brilliant chrome plated metal accessories. This includes wrap around front grille and headlight assembly, wrap around front bumper with separate bumper guards, hood and radiator ornament, siren housing, windshield frame, arrow style side molding, emergency roof light socket, wrap around rear bumper also with separate bumper guards, trunk emblem, taillights, and wheel covers.

The chassis is a single base plate, gray tin litho, with embossed details which include the Linemar trademark. The tires are solid black rubber.

The remote control is navy blue lithoed tinplate, tethered with a 35" long translucent red vinyl tube covering. The controller is solid, strong and snaps securely closed. It has its original battery insert. The auto's front wheels can be turned using the large chrome plated metal steering wheel. It's not plastic.

The colorful box shows the Fire Chief Car speeding to the emergency. The city skyline looms in the background. As I mentioned a '55 Chevy was printed on the box. Also the siren is shown on the opposite fender. Also notice a swatch of brushed paint in the lower left corner. This was done in the factory to cover a line of text. The front and rear aprons show a similar illustration of the car. The name of the car was printed on both apron ends. Inside the box is the original red tissue paper and rectangular cardboard insert.

Size: 7-¾".

Date Sold: Sept. 2009

Price Sold: $ 435


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