c.1954 GAMA, 66/5 Tractor with Trailer in Original Box

c.1954 GAMA, 66/5 Tractor with Trailer in Original Box

Terrific little tin litho clockwork tractor and trailer combination manufactured by GAMA. Marked "Made In Western Germany" the toy comes complete with its original hand painted composite driver and its original box with tissue paper packing. The toy works great and with the exception of the driver is in near mint condition. The condition of the painted driver is VG+ to excellent.

Marked only with "GAMA" (lithoed vertically on either side of the front hood), and Made in Western Germany, the toy set features an embossed yellow and red tinplate tractor. In an unusual, but attractive way, both of the engine housing sides are covered with a clear sheet of celluloid. This allows you to watch the ribbon coil tighten when you wind it up, and gradually expand when it's running. The bogey wheels are metal and it has both of its original white rubber treads. The hood exhaust pipe and steering wheel are polystyrene plastic.  It has a stop/start lever located to the lower left of the steering wheel and moves in a forward direction. It has no reverse gear. The separate key fits beautifully and does not rub against the side of the engine housing. It's not a GAMA key, if indeed one came with the toy originally. 

The driver is pressed composition material, hand painted, and permanently fixed to the seat. The hitch behind the driver connects to the slot in the trailers front axle support which also swivels. The trailer is also all tin litho and has a manually raised dump bed with side lever. A notch on the underside of the trailer helps keep the lever in place when it's in the raised position. The trailer's tailgate can be kept open or shut closed. The tires are solid black rubber with metal centers.

The clockwork motor works great; smoothly and consistently. The rubber treads have hardened with age so although the bogey wheels spin freely, the treads will not rotate. Qùe sera sera!

The front and rear box panels were beautifully illustrated with the tractor trailer combination shown from a ground level perspective view. The drawing fills the entire panel and is marked only with the catalog number. The other two panels show the tractor and trailer in a construction site setting with the trailer bed raised and dumping. One man spreads out the material being dumped, another signals caution with a red flag, while the driver turns around and watches. The end flaps were printed with the manufacturer name, catalog number, patent applied for info, and country of origin. A simple schematic of the toy was also included. The box comes with its original wadding of protective brown tissue paper. 

Size: 8¾"

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 149


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