c.1957 Bandai, No.588 BMW Isetta in Original Box

c.1957 Bandai, No.588 BMW Isetta in Original Box

Outstanding example of Bandai's classic tin litho "bubble car", the Italian made four-wheel BMW Isetta. Popular two tone green comes complete with original box. High grade toy car grades near mint, while the box is in excellent condition. Friction motor works well.

Vehicle is characterized by its radically sheered swing-out front end hatch. It lifts up for entry and stays closed using its original chrome plated pressure latch. Like the actual car, the toy is powered by a rear mounted motor (friction drive). It also features front and rear chrome bumpers, bug-eyed side-mounted headlamps, a plaid red and yellow single bench seat, plastic steering wheel, rubber tires with chrome hubs, chrome trim (windshield frames, door latch, vent covers), separately attached license plate, and blue tinted celluloid windows (front and back). The chassis is embossed single plate with white lithoed details. The manufacturer's name and vehicle name are also embossed into the chassis.

The color illustrated box shows the Isetta in front of the Gothic Milan Cathedral. The toy name, catalog number and manufacturer's logo was also included. A partial F.W. Woolworth's sticker remains on one of the bottom panels. 

Size: 6½".

Date Sold: Apr. 2008

Price Sold: $ 660


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