c.1948 Marx, Mechanical Roadster in Original Box

c.1948 Marx, Mechanical Roadster in Original Box

Simple, yet sleek tin litho wind-up Mechanical Roadster convertible by Marx. Beautifully designed with brilliant red body trimmed with yellow hood divider and cowl. Includes awesome original box. 

Coupe body with flat plate lithoed interior featuring front and rear bench seats, steering wheel and dashboard. Large, rounded front hood with lithoed grille and head lamps. Front fenders are embossed, as are rear fenders, but to less of an extent. Includes original celluloid windshield and four, black, pressed wood wheels. 

Key is attached to its spring wind motor. The underside of the car did not have a chassis, but was instead partially lithoed white on the interior of the body. Some areas which were not completely lithoed (because it was "the bottom, and wasn't supposed to be seen") show spots of bare metal. These are not rust, or flaked. It was not completely lithoed at the factory. 

Beautiful box includes a full panel illustration of the roadster, which is actually a good representation of the toy itself. Side panels were printed with an excellent portrait drawing of the roadster. Endflaps include only the toy name and Marx logo. 

Size: 6½"

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 210


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