c.1946 Buick Lucky Car, Motor-Car Cigarette Lighter in Original Box

c.1946 Buick Lucky Car, Motor-Car Cigarette Lighter in Original Box

Fantastic early post-war Motor-Car Cigarette Lighter complete with its original hinged display box. I believe that the name of the series was Lucky Car and the manufacturer was Y.N.C. The company trademark is identical to the five intertwined rings used by the Olympic promoters. 

The entire body is heavy 2.2 ounce solid metal (die cast?) entirely plated with a brilliant chrome mirrored finish. This was difficult to photograph and looks much more shiny in person. It resembles a Buick, or possibly Oldsmobile style with characteristic widely spaced vertically grated radiator.

Pressing the button on the right body side strikes the flint by releasing the spring loaded front hood. This exposes the wick (located behind the radiator). Although it's aged and soiled the top of the wick is still faintly white. It doesn't look like it was ever used. Although it's not photographed I do have a flint for it.

The chassis is a single plate of brushed pressed steel. It's stamped with the Lucky Car logo between the rear axles. The head and tail lights are separate parts which protrude out from the body. The headlights also have their original blue centers, but because of the heat generated are probably not paint. Possibly some blue lithoed metal.

It has all of its original celluloid windows; all intact.The tires are embossed black metal; probably die cast. The wheels are screwed onto the axles with screws that have chrome plated heads. It has all five of it's original chassis screws. These raise the wick, allow for lighter fluid filling, and attach the upper and lower body halves together. The two largest screws still have their original pink rubber gaskets intact beneath them. 

To preserve its current condition I did not try to fill it or light it. 

The box consists of a beautifully decorated two piece hinges jewelry-type box. The four exterior sides plus the lid were covered with textured red material over glossy white paper. The white edges, both interior and exterior, were left exposed. The inside cover was lined with pink paper. It has its original die-cut insert which was also covered in pink paper. The cover text is gold embossed.

Size: 1¾", Box 3¼" x 2½" x 1¼

Sold: May 2008 

Price Sold: $ 160


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