Three Mechanical Toy Collecting Books

Three Mechanical Toy Collecting Books

These are three of the more difficult to find toy collecting books which deal primarily with mechanical toys. All have been out of print with the most recent being 1990. These are excellent for research and reading. They're not price guides although prices at the time of publishing were included. 

The Guide To Mechanical Toy Collecting by Martyn Schorr, 1982, 2nd printing

One of the best and most scarce books on the subject of mechanical toys. Includes a chapter by chapter breakdown of toys manufactured from 1860-1960. A chapter of 1950 battery operated toys was also included. Many, many photo's and identification of some of the most difficult and rarely seen toys from America, Germany, and Japan. Photo's are all black and white. This is only the third copy I've seen since it was originally published in 1979 and the only 2nd printing (with purple cover) I've seen. Most have blue and white cover. Marx, Strauss, Girard, Wolverine, and Linemar predominate. Almost all are metal toys. Soft cover. 

Size: 8" x 11", 64 pages.

Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys volume I by Maxine Pinsky, 1988, 1st edition

The preeminent guide to Marx toys. includes Story of Louis Marx in four chapters. Animal toys, Black Toys, Comic Strip Character Toys, Elongated Traffic Toys, Home Town Buildings, Newlywed Roms, Film, Radio and Television Toys, Games, Guns, Honeymoon Express and Related Circle Toys, Soldiers of Fortune, Typewriter Toys, Large Walkers. Hard cover.

Size: 8½" x 11". 143 pages. 

Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys volume II by Maxine Pinksy, 1990, 1st edition. 

Follow-up to volume 1. Includes Airplanes and Air Toys, Automobiles, Buses and Trucks, Eccentric Cars, Motorcycles and Related Toys, Tanks, Tractors. Hard cover.

Size: 8½" x 11". 175 pages. 

Sold: Nov. 2008

Price Sold: $ 280


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