1951 AMT Henney-Packard Hearse/Ambulance in Original Box

1951 AMT Henney-Packard Hearse/Ambulance in Original Box

Awesome vehicle promoting the "incomparable" Henney-Packard Ambulance and/or Funeral Car complete with original box. Excellent condition and works great!

Made from "beautiful Tenite" (plastic used primarily during the 1940's and 50's). This 1/20th scale car authentically represents one of the popular elongated vehicles in use at the time. Elongated Cadillac's and Lincoln's were also used.

This model has a cream colored body, black pressed steel chassis, chrome plated trim, die cast metal bumpers, steering wheel, and Regal Swan hood ornament (also die cast). The tires are solid black rubber with chrome painted hubs. The windows are the original celluloid. 

The Henney name is embossed in red letters on both lower quarter panels. The Packard name appears in front and below the hood ornament. It has a clockwork motor with attached key which winds from underneath. It has silver and gold cross decals. I'm also aware of a maroon colored variation of this car. 

Two sides show a perspective illustration of the car. These occupy most of the panel. The top panel includes the car and manufacturer name. The bottom panel is all text that describes the history and quality of the Henney Motor Company. One endflap still has its original wrap-around shipping sticker. It's complete with all six original endflaps. 

Size: 12". 

Sold: Oct. 2011

Price Sold: $ 609


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