1935 Marx, New Bearcat Racer in Original Box

1935 Marx, New Bearcat Racer in Original Box

Beautiful art deco style "New Bearcat Racer" manufactured by Marx. Of the few examples I've seen it's by far the highest grade in excellent+ condition. Even more important the box is the first I've ever seen for it.

Measuring nearly a foot and a half long this clockwork tin litho racer is one of only three structurally identical torpedo racers produced by Marx. The others being the "New Rocket Racer" and "Speed King Racer". The car itself is very scarce and has never been found in any catalog including Sears-Roebuck. It's also the only one of the three which cannot be correctly identified without having the original box because only the number "12" was lithoed onto it. The other two racers had their names lithoed horizontally down the front hood. Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys called it "Rocket-Shaped Racer #12" because no box was available. Several years ago I found the first and only box I've seen for the "New Rocket Racer" (see photo below). I've yet to find a box for the "Speed King".

The Bearcat is characterized by its long rocket-shaped hood with curved radiator and horizontal boat-tail rear end. The upper half is primarily red and white with four manifold gray exhausts on either side. It has a tapered blue cowl and red windshield. Black, yellow and gray highlights define the hood and tail. The bottom half is solid red. The pressed disk metal wheels are black with green centers. The driver with green coat, red cap, and holding onto a red steering wheel is the same driver for the other two racers. The front has a small rubber bumper which is original. A tiny Marx logo appears on the front center hood. The key is attached. Best of all it works beautifully!

The box is a plain text style without any illustration. The only difference between it, and the box for the New Rocket Racer is the name. In this case the word "Bearcat" was substituted for "Rocket". Everything else is identical (see photo below). The endflaps were printed with the early style Marx trademark along with the "....have you all of them" motto.

It originally sold for 25¢.

Size: 16".

Sold: Jun. 2008

Price Sold: $ 416


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