1952 Japan, Radio Patrol Car (Pontiac) in Original Box

1952 Japan, Radio Patrol Car (Pontiac) in Original Box

I could find no reference for this fantastic near mint to mint in box friction tin litho Radio Patrol Car. Complete and working, and with its original box. There are no markings on either the car or box to identify the manufacturer. The style most closely resembles a 1952 Pontiac.

Two tone red and cream sedan with lithoed side moldings and fender wings. Fenders, front and back, are embossed. Large Police shield decorates the entire roof section. Perspective view of four uniformed officers can be seen in the windows. "Radio-Patrol" and "Radio Patrol" lithoed on roof and rear trunk respectively. License plate numerals and "Made in Japan" above rear bumper. Front in rear bumpers are polished tin. 

It prominently features two embossed metal twin machine guns protruding from the split front windshield. Each has a friction powered sparking mechanism.....best of all BOTH work great. There's also a very bizarre red plastic jewel contained inside a cylindrical "emergency light" housing located on the front hood. I've never seen this on any other friction vehicle. Light projected through the jewel will fracture similar to a kaleidescope. It was probably meant to intensify the appearance of the sparks, but unless the light is very intense it would never actually function. Still, it's one of the neatest additions to an early Japanese tin vehicle I've seen. It also has its original coiled antenna attached to the right rear fender. 

The underside of the car is black, single plate, and embossed. The two rear wheels are pressed tin disks. To generate enough friction to power the vehicle and create sparks the front wheels, which are also tin, were lined with rubber rims. 

The box features a beautiful panel wide illustration of the Radio Patrol Car in action. The four cops can be seen inside while the twin machine guns blaze away. Again, it's marked only with the toy name and "made in Japan". Its original 49¢ price stamp can be easily read on one end. 

Size: 7".

Sold: Jul. 2008

Price Sold: $ 283


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