c.1948 Courtland, Mechanical 3pc. Train Set in Original Box

c.1948 Courtland, Mechanical 3pc. Train Set in Original Box

Courtland produced all types of transportation toys, but this is the first set of trains I've seen manufactured by them. All heavy gauge tin litho it includes a clockwork powered locomotive and two identical gondolas. The set comes complete with its original box and motor guarantee form. It looks like it was never played with.

Locomotive 9000 (7" long) - stubby, yet loaded with details. The boiler and cab are dark green resting on a red frame. Wheels, pistons, cow-catcher, and engineer are lithoed black and white. Fine details were lithoed lemon yellow. Two narrow roof panels, the boiler edges, stack, headlight and cow catcher are all embossed. The front tires are friction generating rubber. The rear pair are wood. The key is attached and the clockwork motor is removable (as were most of the Courtland wind-up toys from the late 40's through early 50's. 

Gondola #1 (7" long) - orange box sides sitting on red frame. Top rail edge was lithoed white. Details lithoed in black and white. Couldn't figure out what the "W" stands for in "W.R.R." which appears on all three cars. Has movable coupler. Wheels are black, wooden.

Gondola #2 (7" long) - details identical to #1

The box was printed with green text and is complete. The toy name and the Courtland logo were printed on two panels. Their famous motor guarantee, address, and motto appear on the other two. Endflaps include the toy name, catalog number, and manufacturer address.

Sold: Oct. 2008

Price Sold: $ 128


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