1935 Wyandotte No.330 "Streamlined Tank Truck" (Orange) in Original Box

1935 Wyandotte No.330

Fabulous streamlined airflow design best describes the "architecture" of this No.330 Streamlined Tank Truck by Wyandotte. Heavy gauge pressed steel with baked on enamel surfaces. PAINT AND PARTS ARE ALL FACTORY ORIGINAL. Don't let the bright lights fool you. Absolutely no touch-up's, repairs, or replaced parts. Verified under black light examination. It was filthy when I first purchased it. All I did was wipe it off with a soft, dry cotton cloth. What you see was underneath the dirt. Unbelievable near mint condition! Scarce toy comes with its even scarcer original box. In fact it's the first box I've seen for this toy. 

Tank truck is characterized by the four hatches on the roof. Sides are embossed with wheel wells and raised fenders. Split front windshield. Tail gate raises and lowers. Underside chassis is black, solid plate without any embossing. It extends outwards to form the two step-up platforms below each door. Front of the vehicle is beautifully adorned with its silvery plated grille/headlight assembly. It's all one piece including the double bumpers. Tires are all solid black rubber and embossed "Wyandotte". 

Original box printed with detailed illustration of the Tank Truck on all four main panels. Toy name, manufacturer name and address, plus the ole' Wyandotte motto "Wyandotte Toys are Safe" were printed on endflaps and panels. 

Size: 10½".

Sold: Jul. 2008

Price Sold: $ 328


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