1956 Marx, The Falcon Friction Sports Car in Original Box

1956 Marx, The Falcon Friction Sports Car in Original Box

Finding this example of Marx' huge friction powered Falcon Sports Car is a true milestone. It's in extraordinary near mint condition! In addition it comes complete with its original box. Only a mint in box store stock example I found over three years ago grades higher. The number of boxes I've seen for the toy, including the store stock example comes to a grand total of two. 

The Falcon is one of the more difficult to find mid-50's Marx toys because it was available for only year. This one still has its original $2.99 F.W. Woolworth's price sticker on the bottom. 

It's most distinct characteristic is its low, long sleek design. Lithoed brilliant lemon yellow on heavy gauge tinplate the front and rear fenders, hood scoop, and rear trunk were conspicuously elevated above the base body height. This gives it an intriguing similarity in appearance to the Chevrolet Corvette. 

Black and white body details were skillfully added such as quarter-panel holes (three on each side), cross hatched front grille, and wrap around bumpers to make it look more authentic. However, shading added to the front fender mounted lights, hood ornament, and side view mirrors really gives it a genuinely realistic sports car appearance.  

In addition the entire cockpit is capped with its original transparent polystyrene plastic roof. The top and rear were textured and painted white to resemble canvas. It has an old style split front windshield and triangular shaped smoking windows on the sides.

It has a friction powered motor, actually more precisely it's an inertia driven flywheel motor which uses balanced weights to keep it in motion. It also makes a loud boing sound every time the rear axle completes a single revolution. The chassis is a single sheet of embossed tinplate folded over at the edges. The fold incorporates the edges of the upper body half. This eliminates the sharp edges, while securely sealing the top and bottom together. The tires are solid black rubber with metal centers.

The box for this toy is extremely difficult to find. It's made from flimsy narrow walled cardboard not meant to last more than a few years. Then consider that the car weighs nearly four pounds, plus its limited production, and it doesn't take long to figure out why its so scarce. Printed in four colors the two main box panels feature a 14" illustration of the Falcon. It fills up nearly the entire panel. It shows the car with driver on a fenced country road. He's just left his "work place" represented by the building on the extreme right edge with the American flag in front. He pauses at the foot of a driveway to watch two golfers finishing up their hole. The two narrow main box panels have a portrait view of the Falcon along with simple operating instructions. Company name, logo, etc. were also added. The endflaps were also illustrated which is very unusual to see. It shows, of course, the Falcon from the perspective of looking at it head on against a silhouette city scape.

Size: 20" x 8½" x 5".

Sold: Aug. 2008

Price Sold: $ 2103


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