1954 Marx, Sparkling Luxury Liner in Original Box

1954 Marx, Sparkling Luxury Liner in Original Box

Scarce steel litho friction drive Sparkling Luxury Liner manufactured by Marx. Comes complete with original box. Toy was produced and originally sold for only one year through the Sears-Roebuck catalog. Retailed for .94¢.

Advertised as "a good replica of the modern steamship of tomorrow" its narrow as an arrow hull was lithoed in blue, red and white. Port holes dot the upper white section leading to the three upper decks. Each deck is flanked with a series of large windows. Towards the keel is the Pool with two diving boards and six, spread-out multicolored umbrellas. Near the box is the blue tinted Solarium with transparent plastic bubble. Chairs and a sofa are lithoed inside while behind it lies the friction wheel. It does have a flint, but only sparks occasionally. The remaining decks include shuffle board and awnings. The smokestack consists of a two tiered oblong structure.

The bottom side is open. The friction motor has two large rubber tires, while the keel has a single rubber tire mounted in the center.  

The box was beautifully illustrated in red and blue as a # perspective view which fills nearly 2/3 of the entire panel. Only the toy name, Marx logo and friction powered were printed on this panel. The opposite panels show the liner as smaller and from the other side. The printed name of the toy is just about the same size. The rest of the panel includes simple directions with schematics printed inside a roped perimeter. The endflaps were printed with a silhouette of the ship above the toy name, company name and address. It's complete with all six original endflaps.

Size: 14½".

Sold: Aug. 2008

Price Sold: $ 188


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