1933 Lindstrom, Gold Chest of Games in Original Box

1933 Lindstrom, Gold Chest of Games in Original Box

Over the years I've seen many single parts of this toy sold individually and incomplete. This example is complete right down to the parts bags and is in superb near mint condition. It comes with its scarce original box.

Advertised as the Gold Chest of Games with "6 games" the Lindstrom Tool & Toy Co., produced this voluminous set at the height of the Depression. It consists of three, steel litho, rectangular trays. Each is double sided with a lithoed board on one side and a paper board on the other. The metal games were more action oriented, while the paper sides were more traditional. The three trays would fit snugly into a double walled cardboard box with attached hinged lid, all ready for carrying. It was probably an expensive toy with a regiment of easily lost parts.

The metal based games, Lucky Strike, Bank Shot, and Gold Star, were basically pinball variations. Each tray is framed in a sturdy black metal frame. The boards would be tilted upwards slightly by inserting a metal bracket into the top edge of the frame on the back. Only the sides with the metal games could be tilted. The back side games laid flat. 

The marbles used in these games were all of the old style hand-made with some bubbles in the glass. The pair of miniature dice are also glass.

1) Lucky Strike - a bowling type game with curved metal ball return. The lower right corner was fitted ball chute and pinball plunger. The ball strikes 10 wooden pins set into recessed dimples within the black triangle. Just like bowling, two balls of similar color were required. The set includes all 10 wooden pins, both blue "bowling ball" marbles, the original paper parts bag, and a metal bracket (to raise it up, although the pins would fall over). 

Horse Race Game - simple paper game using six checkers and dice. It's complete although the checkers and dice are shown in another photo.

2) Bank Shot - simulated pool ball style game requiring a small spring loaded cue "stick" and five similarly colored marbles. Objective is to strike the ball using a cue to hit a rubber cushion (in both upper corners), and then rebound into a point numbered slot. Included are all five green marbles, both metal and wood spring cue sticks, and a tilting wire bracket. It also has its original parts bag which is labeled with the toy name and parts inside.

Checkers -  old reliable game using paper backed board. Complete with all 12 red checkers and 12 black checkers, plus three additional checkers for "kings".

3) Gold Star - the most pinball oriented game of the three using a plunger to shoot one of four similarly colored marbles into a double maze. Multiple chutes and pins deflect the marble and score different point values. Includes all four yellow marbles and metal tilting bracket. Game has its original paper parts bag labeled with contents. 

Backgammon - another old stand-by. Complete with all 30 checkers and a pair of fine miniature, red glass dice. It uses the same player pieces used  in the checkerboard game. 

The hinged lid box was designed to resemble a treasure chest complete with metal (paper) corners. Printed ribbons fit around each end. This is one of the few toys I've seen in which the entire underside of the box was printed. It was not left blank. The inside walls of the box are reinforced with a double layer of cardboard. Metal rivets were used to hold them together. The back of the cover was hinged. When closed it fits over the raised inside wall lip. All three games plus all of the parts fit into it when closed.

Size: Games approx. 15" x 9½" x 1". Box is about 1" larger in all dimensions.

Sold: Oct. 2008

Price Sold: $ 100


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