1956 Yonezawa, Opel Olympia Rekord Sedan in Original Box

1956 Yonezawa, Opel Olympia Rekord Sedan in Original Box

Fantastic embossed tin litho friction drive Opel Olymia Rekord, two-door sedan. Manufactured by Yonezawa. All original paint. All original parts. In incredible near mint condition and complete with original box! It was accurately designed to duplicate the actual full scale Opel.

Beautiful two-tone combination of cherry red body (slightly orange tinge) and gray (with a slight green tinge) roof which included embossed window dividers. In addition the roof has a wonderful crackle design giving it a pseudo-three dimensional affect. The crackle is at the "base" of the litho while the exterior is smooth as glass and looks amazing. The single plate chassis base is solid black. 

Structurally it has rounded front and rear quarter panels, with the rear partially covering the tire. Doors and trunk are embossed. Chassis has simple embossing mostly to enhance the ruggedness of the wide plate. The Yonezawa logo was also embossed into the chassis; centered just behind the rear axle. 

Sedan is loaded with chrome! Includes front and rear windshield frames, hood ornament, door latches, accurate radiator and trunk shields, front and rear wrap around bumpers, grille frame housing an awesome tilted oval striated grille, taillights, headlight rings, fender skirts, and raised side moldings (two sections on both sides of the car). 

The tires are solid black rubber with treads. Each has a whitewall with a narrow green outline, and chrome plated centers with red bulls-eyes. The front wheels are also capable of manually turning left or right. It has both of its original celluloid windshields. And to top it off the bubble style headlights are solid glass. 

Interior designed with front and rear plaid bench seats (brown, beige, with black lines). Front seat embossed in the center creating two partitioned seats, while the rear has three. Accurately detailed dashboard lithoed mint green with black lines. Steering wheel is chrome plated tin. 

The box cover features a full color illustration of the car shown from a ¾ perspective. A "smartly dressed" couple are making a trip along the San Francisco shore line showing the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. The drawing accurately reflect the toy although it does appear slightly elongated. The box was printed with the Yonezawa trademark in the lower right corner. 

Size: 11½". 

Sold: Sep. 2008

Price Sold: $ 1491


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