c.1910 Milton Bradley, "Game of Base Ball" in Original Box

c.1910 Milton Bradley,

Simple, yet historically important board game called "Game of Base Ball" manufactured by Milton Bradley. Game is complete and appears to have never been played. 

Cover features a large panel-wide illustration of a pitcher at the end of his wind-up ready to throw the ball. With a look of concentration he stands with one leg raised, and body arched in throwing position. Behind him is a big yellow baseball. Behind that is greenery and the blue sky. The toy name, Base Ball, is spelled using two words. The title takes up most of the lower half of the cover. The Milton Bradley copyright was printed in the lower right corner. The edge of the cover is covered with yellow paper. 

The box bottom also serves as the game board. Printed in color, it shows a fielder crouched and ready to play. Three corners were lithoed with a baseball. The four includes the directions. The baseball diamond around the fielder appears as a series of concentric colored rings. 

The contents include its original cardboard spinner printed in color plus a metal spinner. It's never been used. Also included are its four original 5/8" wide wooden discs; red, blue, green, and yellow. They also look like they were never used.

Size: 7½" x 7¼" x ½". 

Sold: Oct. 2008

Price Sold: $ 172


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