1909 Müller & Kadeder, "Triple Airship Carousel"

1909 Müller & Kadeder,

Magnificently hand painted and lithographed "Triple Airship Carousel" or (Dreifaches Luftshiffkarussell) manufactured by Müller & Kadeder, Nürnberg, Germany. Whimsical pre-World War I aeronautic toy powered by M&K's patented Centrimotor. Important museum toy is in excellent+ condition, works beautifully, and is complete with all original paint and parts. 

M&K were tin toy manufacturers in the early years of the 20th century whose origins are unknown. All were hand painted. They produced a wide range of fanciful aeronautical toys, carousels, and novelty toys. One of the few M&K references is a thin 1909 catalog reproduced for the spring 1974 meeting of the Antique Toy collectors of America. Fortunately I have a copy (shown below) although it's not included in the auction.

This elaborate carousel features three rotating airships with gondolas. Each is rigged with two quadruple, lollipop shaped propellers. The ships are held aloft by an ornate canopy with central pylon supported by angled girders. Almost no M&K toy carried a trademark, however this example does indeed have an "MK" concentric circled trademark on the canopy. 

M&K carousels were frequently capped by the market destination flag, usually the United States. However, in this case the import country was England as indicated by its "British Royal Navy White Ensign" flag mounted on top of the canopy. The flag is double-sided (although the photo's show only one side). 

Power was generated by M&K's separately mounted, patented Centrimotor. Once wound, this hand-cranked clockwork unit automatically disengages the crank for fly wheel motor operation. Two gold painted disks positioned above and below the canopy provide additional momentum.

Marked "Germany" on sides of motor support and top center of canopy. 

Size: Base 7½" x 3½" wide x ½", Height including flag 10½", Airships 3-1/8".

Sold: Jun. 2011

Price Sold: $ 2176


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