1958 Schuco Synchromatic 5700 Packard Hawk In Original Box

1958 Schuco Synchromatic 5700 Packard Hawk In Original Box

Outstanding unused example of Schuco's scarce battery operated tin litho Synchromatic 5700 Packard Hawk Convertible complete with original box. Includes three colored wood pylons, remote metal steering wheel and control cable. Also includes original multilingual directions plus hand written gift note from 1963.

Marked "Made in Western Germany" the toy is an accurate rendition of Packard's rare Hawk Convertible. Only 588 were produced with a sticker price of $3995. It cost $300 more than a Corvette. Schuco's version cost considerably less although it was an expensive toy.

It features battery powered operation [using 2 C-cell batteries] to control 7 different actions. Using the push-button gear shift on the instrument panel initiates low gear, overdrive, stop, and reverse. A red lamp flashes during each shifting action. Three additional remote control actions are used by connecting the separate metal cable and steering wheel. It has a stop/start lever above the rear bumper.

Battery use provides one power source however "refueling" can also be accomplished by connecting the Schuco 5506 Gasoline Pump transformer (sold separately) to the "gas tank" opening located on the left rear fender.

The 5700 is a 2-door coupe. It has a pale green tin litho body and white plastic tail fins accentuated with gold paint. The Packard name is spelled out in separate gold letters on the front hood. The interior has a fully detailed dashboard, functional plastic steering wheel, as red, double benchseats and black cowl. The chassis is solid gray plate.

Chrome plated parts include head lamp bracket, "modern" raised turn signals, wrap around front and rear bumpers, a distinctive checkerboard dimpled front grille, side molding, upper door molding, side view mirrors, windshield frame, door handles, spare tire bracket, and wheel covers. Tires are solid black rubber with separate plastic whitewalls. The windshield is the original celluloid.

The box holds the separate remote control metal steering wheel, pylons, control wire in original packaging. The cover features a wide panel illustration of the actual car alongside simple illustrative instructions. The front and rear aprons demonstrate use of the car as well as powering options. Schuco used a special, thick paper board instead of cardboard to safeguard the unusually heavy weighted vehicle. Original instructions printed on heavy card stock are included.

Also included is a 2-page hand written gift note. Apparently the car was given as a Christmas present in 1963. It was given by an older adult couple to their father (affectionately called "POP"). The first page was a gift note. The second was a simplified 5 step list of instructions. Personally I think this is one of the most attractive things about this particular example. It also provides the clue to its unused condition. It wasn't owned by a child. Sadly, Pop didn't play with it.

Size: 10-¾". 

Date Sold: Nov. 2009

Price Sold: $ 1457


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