c.1960 Yonezawa Vacationland Express In Original Box

c.1960 Yonezawa Vacationland Express In Original Box

One of the many Marx company circular Express "take-off" toys was this "Mechanical Vacationland Express" by Yonezawa. All tin litho with clockwork motor, grades near mint, and comes complete with original box.

Multiple actions include two rotating trains, rotating airplane, and constantly ringing bell.

Lotsa vacation-type stuff to look at for such a compact toy. 3 levels, 1 tunnel, 1 building, 2 trains, and 1 airplane; all on a 5½" x 5½" square base. Loaded with multicolored kiddie images including a 4 car locomotive, circular amusement park boat ride,

carnival merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, elephant ride, a planetarium, hang-type monorail, a Children (Train) Station, a whirling kaleidoscopic bell, separate red and blue counter-clockwise running trains, and red, white and blue clockwise running overhead airplane. Underside is a solid litho blue plate and the key is attached.

"Braking" lever for the trains is attached to one end of the station. Manufacturer trademark lithoed on one of the lower corners (near the boat ride).

Best of all it works great!

Colorful box shows many of the lithoed graphics. Most prominent is the overhead white airplane and the wide, green countryside beneath it. Train station with locomotive, additional buildings, and seascape are also depicted. One of the side flaps show most of this detail again, but on a smaller scale. Two other flaps show beach scene with racer and family cars driving alongside each other. Toy name printed on every flap. Manufacturer trademark printed on the top cover.

Size: 5½" x 5½" x 5-3 4" tall (with plane attached)

Date Sold: May 2011

Price Sold: $ 96


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