1966 Batman Meets Catwoman Factory Sealed Magic Eyes

1966 Batman Meets Catwoman Factory Sealed Magic Eyes

Like an antique Steriopticon, The Tru-Vue "stereo viewer" provided kiddies with the appearance of Å—-dimensional" images using two side-by-side identical photos. This was done by slightly off-setting the position of one image to the other by a few millimeters. The distance apart between the two photos was an approximation of the space between the eyes of your "standard kid".

Sold separately from the viewer their product called "Magic Eyes" was advertised as "story sets". It contains three, double film strips of 7 photos; each with an illustration and text between the photos. It was sponsored by Kodak and licensed from National Periodicals.

All of this meant "bupkiss" compared to what the kids wanted to see. In this case; Batman Meets The Catwoman.

The story line was taken directly from the 1966 Batman ABC television show. There are 21 full color photos, now slightly brown from age, showing images of Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar. A dialog line was included below each image.

This is a set of three double film strips still factory shrink wrapped sealed. It features a large television style Batman logo in the upper right corner. The story name was printed below the logo. It's not a sticker. The strips were set into a die cut window card complete with a wide-eye owl. The reverse side of the card advertises other popular 60s characters and cartoon buddies. The product was produced by Sawyer's Inc.

Card 8½" x 11"

Date Sold: Sept. 2010

Price Sold: $ 21


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