c.1910 Bing, Clockwork Railroad System in Original Box

c.1910 Bing, Clockwork Railroad System in Original Box

Magnificent five piece clockwork cast iron and tin litho railroad system manufactured by Bing, Germany. Set is in amazing excellent+ to near mint condition complete with original box, inserts, and track. The closest I can come to the actual set number includes the numbers 350 and 64. Based on its overall condition I doubt that it was ever used. 

Cast iron with 14 spoke, red painted die cast metal wheels with tinned drive rods. Some of the silver painted rims remain. Black enamel with orange and silver highlighted trim around the cab. Adjustable start/stop brass governor rod. Boiler has integrated head "light", cowcatcher, dome, brass bell, stack, and tin strap. Drive rod supports still have original silver highlighting. One of the four clockwork housing screws (holding it to the body) has been replaced. Size: 6½". 

Tender #1012
Embossed black tin litho with faux coal. Wheels are black metal. Metal couplers front and back. Solid black with red and yellow trim. Size: 4".

Baggage Car #501
Olive green with black vertical striping and brown roof on embossed black trailer. Metal wheels and couplers. Sliding doors on both sides. Two embossed and die cut doors on both sides trimmed in orange. Two windows and door on either end. Size: 5½". 

Passenger Car 1 #253
Olive green with black vertical striping and brown roof on embossed black trailer. Each side has five die cut windows with lithoed valences flanked by recessed die cut doors. Two windows and one door on each end as well. Metal couplers and wheels. Size: 5¼". 

Passenger Car 2 #253
Description same as above.

Track & key
Includes eight 11" curves, three 11" straights, one 10" rail stop embossed with Bing logo, two 11" switchers (one left, one right) with red painted cast iron both embossed with Bing logo. Polished tin finish O-gauge. Key is nickel plated cast iron and probably not original to the set. Size: Total length approximately 12¾ feet. 

Fantastic two piece heavy cardboard. Features a full color cover print showing the locomotive and cars with lighted windows speeding through a snowy night. Drawn in perspective, the foreground includes the toy name. Upper right corner has early Bing logo. One of the covers side aprons has its original Bing label and importation sticker. The numbers 64 and 350 can be read on the sticker. Cover was made from five sections of cardboard held together at the edges with red tape. Corners are connected with four 90º metal staples in each corner. Box bottom is plain with original thick cardboard inserts. The end of each insert is held in place with its original metal clip. Some type of board or cardboard material, painted red, was attached to the underside of the box bottom. Size: Approx. 18" x 16" x 3¼".

Sold: Nov. 2008

Price Sold: $ 810


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