1963 Grey Iron Co., Trenton Trust Mechanical Bank in Original Box

1963 Grey Iron Co., Trenton Trust Mechanical Bank in Original Box

As far as cast iron mechanical banks; you won’t find any better than this Trenton Trust 75th Anniversary Bank. It is in perfect mint original condition. The auction house I acquired this from also graded it in strict mint condition. A single tiny paint chip just above the bank entrance is not even close to influencing its immaculate condition. It comes in its original box which is also in near mint+ condition. 

The Bank 

Number 56 from a limited edition of only 200 mechanical banks. An exquisite design and superb casting features an accurate representation of the 14 story trapezoidal shaped Trenton State Bank built in 1952. Painted cream with gold trim the number “28” above the door refers to its address; 28 W. State St, Trenton, NJ. All sides show extensive detail. The building is mounted on a raised red brick style base with “75th Anniversary” embossed on front and rear. A regal businesswoman figure representing Mary Roebling dressed in blue with matching shoes, white neckerchief, painted facial features and gold hair sits in a gray office chair in front of the building. The figure holds a key embossed with the word “Security”.

A coin is placed on the flat key. Pushing down the rear lever moves the arm with key & coin into the building. Simultaneously a large double sided gold and white “Trenton Trust” sign pops up from the top of the building. The key is withdrawn dropping the coin inside. The underside of the base is embossed with name of the designer, sculptor, Mary Roebling figure, as well as its limited edition status. An imprinted blue-tape #56, which is original to the bank, still adheres to the front right underside corner. It has its original trap that has never been opened, plus all four original felt disk pads.

It comes in its original cardboard box printed with a blank “shipped to” label on one side. Stenciled below is the bank name “Trenton Trust” and its correctly corresponding bank No. 56. The box contains its original excelsior packing material wrapped in 5” wide brown paper. 

The History

Following her husband’s death in 1937 Mary G. Roebling became the first woman to head a major American bank at the age of 30. As President of the Trenton Trust Company, founded in 1888, the bank grew substantially increasing its assets from 17 t0 137 million in 28 years. It was acquired by National State in 1972. Ms. Roebling was elected chairman of the combined institutions. She remained active until her death in 1994.

Ms. Roebling (additional facts)

  • First woman governor of the American Stock Exchange
  • Founder and Chairman of the first nationally chartered bank founded by women Women's Bank N.A. of Denver
  • First to establish drive-in banking
  • First to establish a railroad branch for commuters
  • First to introduce wealthy women to trust funds
  • Director of numerous other corporations, and active in many civic, charitable and educational organizations
  • 1 of 100 American delegates to the Congress of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • Appointed Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army for New Jersey and served on the Advisory Board of the Association of the United States Army
  • Named best-dressed banking woman in the country in 1958
  • Officer of the New York World's Fair Corporation
  • Member of the National Business Council on Consumer Affairs & the Boy Scouts of America's national advisory council
  • Her husband Siegfried Roebling was the great grandson of John A. Roebling, designer of the Brooklyn Bridge

Size: 6” x 4⅞” x 8”. 

Price Sold: $ 1900


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