1962 Bendix, Family Radiation Measurement Kit in Original Box

1962 Bendix, Family Radiation Measurement Kit in Original Box

The early 60’s were a scary time; Hydrogen Bomb, Atomic War, Radioactive Fallout, Nuclear Arms were new terms. And as the Cold War heated up the possibility of hostilities between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. seemed eminent. But for many it also presented a new burdening product market.

In such unsure times wouldn’t you and your loved ones be comforted to know when they’ve been exposed to a lethal dose of radiation? Sure they would and to meet that “need” the folks at Atomic Accessories, Inc., Valley Stream, NY. provided the “Family Radiation Measurement Kit”.

For only $24.95 (or $190 adjusted for inflation) you could purchase a Dosimeter Rate Charger, a Dosimeter Reader, a Ratemeter, and a single D-cell "Happy Face" battery. And just to be on the safe side a second Dosimeter was separately purchased by the original owner for an additional $10.95 ($83 adjusted for inflation).

Essentially the Charger is a light bulb wired to an open circuit and connected to a battery. The handheld Reader and Ratemeter housed a tiny glass slide with measurements on them. When correct contact was made the circuit was completed and the bulb would light up allowing the user to view the measurements.

The rays of the sun were used to calibrate it so when the bomb goes off you can tell how much more radiation is in the air. Of course you may have already been exposed to a lethal dose, but at least you’d know the exact amount and the symptoms.

The set includes a 14pg. Instruction manual, a fold-out description of exposure vs. symptoms, and an illustrated calibration guide showing that “even a housewife” could do it. 

Most interesting of all is that inside the box was its original receipt. It was purchased Feb. 1962 by a Registered Pharmacist in Canton, OH with a money order for $35.90, or approximately $270 adjusted for inflation. Capitalism at its “best”.

The original box looks very official; heavy cardboard with hinged lid, an illustrated view of the Roentgen Dosimeter measurement on the cover, and checklists of each component. It was also “certified” to “meet or exceed Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization specifications”.

Size: 9½” x  7½” x 3½. Weight: 2+ lbs. 

Price Sold: $ 40


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