1953 Distler, Porsche Speedster Electromatic 750 in Original Box

1953 Distler, Porsche Speedster Electromatic 750 in Original Box

Outstanding example of one of the most sought after European toys from the 1950’s. This Porsche Speedster Electromatic 750 is in awesome near mint to near mint+ condition. Most likely it was never played with. Comes complete with its rare original box which is tougher to find than the car.

It’s made from heavy gauge tin litho. The body is a dusty light blue color, not really gray. The removable cowl is dark gray. It has an operating clutch with 2 speeds forward, 1 reverse, and neutral. The steering wheel controls the direction.

It comes with its original ignition key on its original Shell Oil embossed leather wallet. Just like in real life it won’t work unless the key is inserted into the hole on the right side of the dashboard.

The interior has two bright red benchseats. The front seats are plastic, the rear are tin litho. The dashboard is detailed and embossed. The steering wheel is painted die cast metal.

In addition it has a chrome plated tin litho windshield frame with a vertical upright divider in the center. The celluloid windshield is original.

It has a detailed embossed dashboard and die cast metal painted steering wheel. The front bench seat is plastic, while the rear seats are tin litho. The battery housing is chrome plated steel. The split divided windshield has a chrome plated frame and its original celluloid “glass”.  Also chrome plated are its wrap around bumpers, head and tail lamps, hood divider, trunk grill and handle, and wheel cover centers. The tires are solid black whitewalls mounted onto red plastic rims.

The underside chassis was lithoed with detailed schematic instructions along with the manufacturer name and trademark.

The battery is inserted behind the rear seats under the removable cowl. The interior battery housing is chrome plated steel.

Most likely since the car was originally sold in the U.S. (based on the original sales sticker still on the box) the correct European battery could not be found.  Which is probably why it was never played with. I bought the correct battery and it started right up. Every function works beautifully.

The box features a panel-wide color illustration of the Porsche on the cover. Front and rear aprons include additional schematics for operation and inserting the battery. The original Kresge sales sticker was marked down from $3.69 to $2.98 and finally $1.98.

Size: 10”. 

Sold: Jul. 2012

Price Sold: $ 1200


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