1933 Lionel Ives 5pc Mechanical Train Set

1933 Lionel Ives 5pc Mechanical Train Set

Scarce pre-war O-gauge Lionel-Ives 5 piece mechanical train set. Includes locomotive, tender, and 3 Pullman cars.

Overall grades as excellent+ and works great! Includes large separate wind-up key with dark finish.

Lionel purchased the Ives company in 1930. The Ives name remained until 1932. The name was hyphenated as Lionel-Ives in 1933. The Ives name was dropped entirely in 1934.

Locomotive No.1506L -7" long clockwork steam locomotive, pressed steel with die cast spoke wheels. Black boiler car, red frame, polished steel motor housing, nickel plated rod and brass handrail, stack, bell and steam dome. Start stop lever in cab. Features battery operated, flat style, large antique head lamp. The battery fits underneath the cab. Most likely it uses a C-cell, but I can't see a way to fit the battery into place without taking it apart.

Lionel-Ives tender No.1502T - 4" long tin litho with black frame and black container. Features "Lionel-Ives Lines" brass color name on red background. Brass painted rivet heads and wheel frames. Metal wheels. Rear coupler.

Paint and parts all original. Some crazing on the frame bed; light. Forward edge shows wear. Two short wear spots along the top rail edge. Small scratch to litho on the right side (just under the Ives name). Most of the original polishing to wheels remains. Grades excellent.

Ives R.R. Lines Pullman Car No.1811 (3 Cars) - 6" long, tin litho, "peacock" (teal) car on black frame, orange roof, and cream trim. Metal wheels. Couplers front and rear.

Sold: May 2011

Price Sold: $ 612


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