c.1948 Emil Hausmann, No.500 Clown Musicians in Original Box

c.1948 Emil Hausmann, No.500 Clown Musicians in Original Box

Remarkable and very scarce multi-action wind-up clockwork tin litho toy produced by a virtually unknown West German company. Appropriately called “Clown Musicians” it was produced by Emil Hausmann. Other than the name I could find no other information about the company.

Toy is impressively detailed; it has striking contrasted colors, and wonderful actions. Best of all it’s in near mint+ condition, comes complete with its original box (excellent+ to near mint) and works great. It’s the first example I’ve personally seen. I could also find no previous reference for the original box.

The toy features two clowns seated on a separate raised base. Both face one another. One plays brass plated cymbals while the other beats a drum. Both are dressed in opposite colors with opposite patterns of blue, green, yellow and red. Each wears a striped cone shaped hat. The pair both have white face with red highlighted cheeks and nose.

The base has a multitude of geometric designs and colors in red, green, and yellow. Dancing circus animals decorate the entire edge. The underside is solid red.

It uses an attached key with a start/stop lever located on the base of the cymbal clown. The manufacturer’s trademark lies just below the key.

The two piece box includes a full color print illustration of the Clown Musicians performing in a circus tent. The drawing very closely resembles the actual toy. The manufacturer’s trademark and Made in Western Germany were printed in the lower left corner.

Size: 8½” long x 6” tall x 3½” wide. 

Sold: Sep. 2012

Price Sold: $ 471


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