1955 Super Swim Inc., Superman 2pc. Kiddie Swim Set in Original Box

1955 Super Swim Inc., Superman 2pc. Kiddie Swim Set in Original Box

"The popularity of the Superman TV program prompted Super Swim Inc. to feature Superman on the packaging of this product. The boxes represent some of the best graphics produced in the 1950's". 
Hakes Guide to Character Toys, 5th Edition

This set was the "official" two piece kiddie set containing a "pair of paddlers and google". (Shouldn't that be goggles?) However, a complete set also contained three red, snap-on rubber straps with metal buckles plus an official Superman Safety Swim Club membership card. This example is complete with all of these items plus its original red, white, and blue illustrated Superman pop-up display box. The set is in pristine, unused mint condition.

The swim components (paddlers, goggles, straps) are flexible rubber. Each fin has a graphic of Superman from the waist up printed on them. The goggles have glass lenses. The Superman chest emblem was printed in the center just above the nosepiece. The snaps and buckles are chrome plated metal. 

The membership card has an illustration of Superman with logo on one side. The "sign here" line has never been filled in. The back side of the card includes the Swim Club's 9 safety rules. 

The red, white, and blue display box features a fold out, pop-up window showing Superman flanked by two youngsters wearing their paddlers and goggles. Underneath them is a huge Superman logo plus the name and illustration of the set. The graphics are different for each of the three side panels. In addition to the two panels shown below (last photo) is a graphic of the fins and goggles within an oval plus a separate graphic of the membership card. The back side panel and underside of the box are blank. When the cover is lifted the two side panels extend as a vertical strip about an 1" wide on either side to form a diorama window. 

Size: Fins 6", Goggles 6½", Box 8" x 5" x 2½"

Sold: Aug. 2006

Price Sold: $ 162


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