c.1935 Trico (Japan) No.603, Soldiers and Sailors set in Original Box.

c.1935 Trico (Japan) No.603, Soldiers and Sailors set in Original Box.

Extraordinary set of 18 Japanese-made post World War1 U.S. “Doughboys” toy figures complete with original display box and backing card.  Also includes an additional 9 loose soldiers. All were made by Trico.

Figures are made from painted pressed sawdust mixed with glue and sculpted around a wire frame. This makes them very easy to repair. The boxed figures include;

3 Prancing Cavalry Horses complete with swords
3 Mounted Cavalry Officers
1 Guide-on Flag Bearer
1 Officer w/Sword
1 Bugler
2 Drummers
8 Infantrymen w/Rifles

These 18 have been retied to the original backing card in their correct positions. The original cord had rotted away.

The are also 9 additional loose figures. They have always been together with the other 18 (i.e., not recent additions). This includes:

1 Prancing Cavalry Horse (missing sword)
1 Mounted Cavalry Officer
1 Guide-on Flag Bearer
1 Bugler
5 Infantrymen w/Rifles

In total there are 27 figures. Except for the mounted Officers each is embossed with the Trico trademark on the underside of the base. There are two types of trademarks; early 1930’s has the plain trademark, mid-1930’s have the Trico name within a diamond. Although production may have varied by a couple years they were available all around the same time. So with/or without the diamond shape doesn’t make a lot of difference in terms of the value, or when they were originally purchased.

The box is covered with red textured material on the exterior and features a large full color. It shows both Sailors and Soldiers of different ranks and responsibilities standing on a lawn in front the Capitol Building. The White House is left of the Capitol, while the Lincoln Memorial is on the right. The print is marked “Made In Japan” on the lower right corner. It also has its original “set#” sticker on the side which indicates that it contains one set of No.603 and hand-stamped “360”.

The sides of the box bottom were printed with full color illustrations of various WWI paraphernalia. These would’ve been cut-out for display alongside the soldiers. All are still intact. None have any cuts or trimming. The illustrations include cannons, high wing monoplane, zeppelin, tents, armored tank car, tank, armored train, strung barbed wire, and anti-aircraft guns.

Size: Horses w/Officers 5¼”. Flag Bearers 7”. All others 4”. Box 18” x 14½” x 2”. 

Price Sold: $


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