c.1929 Vindex Art Deco Elephant Nut Cracker

c.1929 Vindex Art Deco Elephant Nut Cracker

If you like unusual stuff; especially unusual figural cast iron you'll love this piece. Produced by the short-lived Vindex company (a.k.a The National Sewing Machine Company, Belvedere, Il.) it's a solid cast iron, enameled elephant! Lift his schnoz (i.e., trunk), place a nut within his rotund mouth, and it becomes a utilitarian Nut Cracker!!

Designed with a modernistic art deco appearance I'm proud to offer it as a "fresh find" from the amazing Donal Markey collection of cast iron toys.

The toy, or nut cracker was painted an odd shade of orange and red. Sort of a mandarin orange color. The eyes, ears and toes, are chocolate brown. The tusks, are of course, ivory color. The underside of the feet were originally padded with thick green felt. Both pieces of thick felt are still there; they're just pushed up into the toes a bit.

The piece is unmarked as were most Vindex items. Bertoia auctions identified the manufacturer. It weighs about 3½ pounds.

Size: 9-3/4" long x 2½" wide x 4-3/4" tall.

Date Sold: May, 2011

Price Sold: $ 192


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