1956 Technofix, No.285 Bus Terminal in Original Box

1956 Technofix, No.285 Bus Terminal in Original Box

This clockwork tin litho Bus Terminal manufactured by Technofix is a prime example of why I love selling antique toys. It took me a couple minutes to figure it out, but once I did, it's AWESOME!

It a three piece toy with fold-up track. All in near mint condition; barely used. It comes complete with its beautifully illustrated color box plus its original cast iron nickel plated key. 

To give you, the reader, the idea of how this toy works I needed to lay out a lot of photo's so sorry for the download time. It consists of an embossed yellow and orange tin litho track. Once the end sections are unfolded it extends out to a whopping 3½ feet long. The tracks have raised rails to keep the bus from falling off. In the center is the "magical" two level bus terminal. 

The bus is the double decker variety. The lower blue half contains the clockwork motor. Excruciating details of passenger and even the driver can be seen in every window. The wheels are chrome plated steel. The upper half of the bus is red and features the Coca-Cola logo on both sides. Again, passengers and bus employees are shown in every window. The top half of the bus fits neatly over four dimples located on the roof of the blue section. As you can see in the first photo, once assembled it's difficult to tell that the two halves can be separated. The underside of the blue section also has a stop plate on either end. Push the left plate in and it moves to the right. Push the right plate and it moves left. The switch is automatic.

I've laid out the actions in seven steps (see below). Essentially it starts out as a double decker bus. It moves to the nearest track end, hits the end, which moves the underside plate to change the direction. Now it's moving towards the terminal. It enters the terminal. BUT when it exits the terminal the bus is missing its upper half! The bus continues to the track end, the underside plate strikes the end and the direction reverses back to the terminal. The bus enters the terminal again and again emerges with the upper half in place!! Now that may sound like a simple thing, but seeing it in person is really fantastic. It'll make several runs before it stops. Each time separating and rejoining the bus halves every time it enters the terminal. A series of embossed rails inside the terminal provide this "magic" action. And best of all it works great! 

The main box panel shows in a realistic setting, entering of the double decker bus on the right side and the exiting single bus on the left side. Passengers stroll up and down the huge stairway. The two other panels show the terminal and buses in relation to a large night time city scape and an industrial complex. The end panels include the manufacturer name and catalog number. Both the toy and track are marked "Made In Western Germany".

Size: Track extended 3½ feet. 2¾" at its widest point. Bus 3¾". 

Sold: Jan. 2009

Price Sold: $ 1276


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