c.1941 Marx, Acrobatic Marvel in Original Box

c.1941 Marx, Acrobatic Marvel in Original Box

Outstanding near mint example of Acrobatic Marvel (Monkey) by Marx. All tin litho with clockwork wind-up motor. Comes complete with original color illustrated box.

Acrobatic Marvel is a "rocker" toy with a metronome-like movement. Marx produced several other toys using this concept with figures attached directly to the base. An earlier Pinocchio toy is nearly identical in the way it works. That is, in place of a fixed to base, three dimensional figure, a metal ribbon is made to sway back and forth. In this case a monkey (whose head and body was also used in other Marx toys). The monkey is tin litho with fiberboard legs. 

Great early 40's color lithography on the base shows several circus scenes, animals, and characters. It uses an attached key and the Marx logo is lithoed on one side (in the top center above the barker). The rocker underneath the base is finished with a polished tin exterior. Best of all it works beautifully!

Original box is just as colorful as the toy. Front and back panels show trapeze act with a sprite young lad and the monkey. Toy name was printed in large colorful text above these figures. Side panels, which I like more than the front, uses the elongated form of the box to represent aerial spotlights in a blackened circus tent. The crowd is shown at floor level and the acrobatic figure is at the top. Endflaps were printed only with the Marx logo. It's one of the few boxes which was not printed with the Marx slogan, "have you all of them". Can't recall the last box I've seen like that.

Size: Base 7½" x 2½". Overall height 13".

Sold: Apr. 2009

Price Sold: $ 281


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