c1965 Saxo, Psychedelic Convertible Car in Original Box

c1965 Saxo, Psychedelic Convertible Car in Original Box

All the way from Argentina comes this flaming rendition of a mid-60's psychedelic car. Lithographed tinplate with friction drive motor complete with original box.

Two door convertible covered top to bottom, and end to end with brilliantly colored psychedlia. Orange, brown, green, mint green, yellow, red, blue, pink, white, turquoise, and black! Lithoed are birds, flowers, stars, hearts, butterflies, and a huge lunar moth on the front hood. And those are just the recognizable shapes. The quarter panels, doors, hood, and trunk lid are all separately colored sections. On top of them is elongated multicolored scrollwork outlined in black. Top it off with amoeba shapes and flames sprouting from the front grille. Door handles, taillights, trunk handle and rear license plate were also added. Just above the plate is the manufacturers mark. Below the plate "Industria" and "Argentina" were lithoed. 

Although it's difficult to tell because of all the colors, there are embossed edges on several areas including the front hood, fenders, top of the seats and cowl. The interior details were left somewhat less flamboyant although every color was still used

There are only two plastic parts on this toy; the red steering wheel and the huge flower antennae. Actually the petals are fabric. One of the box endflaps was intentionally slotted to accommodate initial packing of the flower. 

In addition the car has its original celluloid windshield with polished tin base, polished tin hood ornament, front grille, front and rear wrap around bumpers, and wheel covers. The tires are solid rubber. The underside chassis is a single base plate with a beautiful brass colored finish. The friction motor works, but not for very long.

The Saxo company most likely used one of their earlier 1950's model as the base toy.

The original box shows sort of a hybrid combination a '65 Mustang and Corvair. Although this car is printed on three panels plus the endflaps it is the correct box for this toy. The word "sport" was printed on every panel. Probably the model name. One of the side panels also has a photo of a young lad grinning. Supposedly he's looking at the car. The bottom panel is blank white. The manufacturers logo, "industria Argentina" and text indicating that the contents include a metal friction car were also printed on several areas. 

Size: 6". 

Sold: Nov. 2008

Price Sold: $ 51


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