c.1950 Marx, Marcrest Pure Milk Dairy Truck in Original Box

c.1950 Marx, Marcrest Pure Milk Dairy Truck in Original Box

Pristine white enameled, pressed steel "Marcrest Pure Milk Dairy Truck" by Marx. Brilliant surfaces, all original without any repainting or touch-up's. Comes complete with original die cut stake bed insert, all three glass containers, plus its original box.

The first thing you see when you look at this truck is its incredible stark white brilliance. It is a fairly scarce truck, however when it does turn up it's usually scuffed or age discolored. Keeping it away from a direct light source, such as inside its original box, will prevent it from yellowing. This is the only fully white example I've seen. The only parts which are not white are the black pressed metal disk wheels. The grille assembly which includes the wrap around grille, bumper and headlights, as well as the hood divider, are all polished tin.

It has an overall streamlined appearance characterized by its split front windshield, bulging front and rear "tear-drop" shaped enclosed wheel fenders, and die cut stake rails. The design had been in use since 1939. A large red, white, and blue Marcrest Pure Milk Dairy illustrated decal, along with the Marx trademark is located on both sides of the stake bed just behind the cab doors.  

The trailer bed contains its original red cardboard rectangular platform with three die cut holes. The Marx trademark was printed in the center. The platform secure holds its three original "milk bottles". Actually they are white, opaque milk-glass "creamers" capped with a pre-1939 cardboard lid.

The box is a very simple style without any printing on the four main panels. Only the endflaps contain text; toy name, manufacturer name and address, and logo.

Size: 14".

Sold: Feb. 2009

Price Sold: $ 560


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