1927 Reeves, Air-E Go-Round in Original Box

1927 Reeves, Air-E Go-Round in Original Box

Wonderful triple monoplane, mechanical tin litho amusement park toy called "The Air-E Go-Round" complete with original box. Made by the Reeves Manufacturing Company, Milford, CT., it's only the fourth high grade example I've found, and the third with original box. In spectacular near mint condition it grades as the best of the four!

The Reeves company had been in business for 28 years as a producer of boiler works and sheet metal. It wasn't until 1912 that the company manufactured novel mechanical and gravity powered toys. But, by the end of the 1920's they were gone. 80+ years have elapsed making it very difficult to find a Reeves toy in complete working condition. Original boxes are rare. 

Deriving its name from the classic Merry Go-Round, the toy consists of a tapering, centered column with fixed base and revolving cap. Three WWI era monoplanes with spinning celluloid propellers hang 6" below the cap. Each is suspended by a wire hanger. Pressing down on a side lever rotates the cap, which turns the planes, and spins the propellers. Unlike other merry-go-round toys, the planes and metal hangers are permanently connected to the cap.

The company produced two versions of the toy. The first, produced in 1926, has a solid red colored tower, base, cap, and brass finished monoplanes. The second, which is this toy, was more elaborately detailed with images of small red monoplanes on a yellowish-brown background. The tower itself was accurately lithoed. The three hanging monoplanes are marked "AMERICA" on both sides of the fuselage, while the wings and tail feature the encircled star insignia of the Army Air Corp. Both versions use red celluloid propellers. Over the years this is only the second time I've found the more elaborate version. To account for this scarcity I believe that the modifications were made in 1927 after Capt. Lindbergh's successful overseas flight and was then discontinued. 

The box panels were printed with red and black diagonal halves. Text on each panel was centered inside a hexagon with extended sides. The cover top has a simple illustration of the toy. The other panels are all text. Directions "press lever to wind", plus the manufacturer name and address were also printed. 

It originally retailed for $1.00.

Size: 10½" tall. Monoplanes 4" long, 3" wingspan. 

Sold: Feb. 2009

Price Sold: $ 383


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