c.1961 Shioji (SSS), Cadillac 2dr Hardtop in Original Box

c.1961 Shioji (SSS), Cadillac 2dr Hardtop in Original Box

Two door tin litho friction drive Cadillac in its original box. Manufactured by Shioji (SSS), in Japan. Beautiful car grades excellent+ to near mint.

Brilliant cherry red embossed body with raised, gold front and rear fender molding, door handles, and intake vent (in front of windshield). Interior is all tin litho, but without any embossing (flat all the way across). Steering wheel is yellow plastic. Roof seems to be a deeper rouge, or maroon color, as compared to the cherry red body. Windshield frame, and wrap around front and rear bumper assemblies are chrome plated. Chassis is single plate, embossed and solid black. Tires are solid black rubber with black and white embossed covers. Cadillac emblem lithoed onto each wheel center. Cadillac hood emblem lithoed onto front center hood. Oh, and the windshield is blue tinted celluloid. Rear wheels are friction drive and they work well. The only markings are "Made in Japan" which was lithoed above the rear bumper.

Box is a window display style with wrap around die cut opening on two panels. Original transparent plastic still covers the entire window. Cadillac Sedan was printed directly above the window with SSS and Quality Toys on either side. "Powered by Friction Motor", SSS logo and original $1.29 price stamped near the lower edge of the window. The back of the box features a full panel, 2dr Cadillac sedan of identical color, of 1960 or 1961 vintage. The bottom of the box is blank. Sky blue was used to color most of the panels including the bottom.

There are some things about this car that I couldn't figure out. For instance the box states "Cadillac Sedan" yet it has an illustration of a 2-door on it. The car is also 2-door. The car itself has an early 1960's styling in front, but the rear end looks more like mid-60's. Possibly the fins were modified as a costs savings (less metal, less paint, fits inside the box better). I can't tell for sure. I don't think that "accuracy" was the primary consideration when the company produced this toy. I could also find no reference for it.

Size: 9". 

Sold: Apr. 2009

Price Sold: $ 161


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