1950's Daisy Rifle Parts, 1920's-40's Marx Flyer Tower Parts

1950's Daisy Rifle Parts, 1920's-40's Marx Flyer Tower Parts

1) Marx: Tower Flyers ....Tower parts, 1927, 1928, 1947

Miscellaneous antique toy parts. All are the tower sections from three different Marx toys. All are tin litho.

Sky Flyer tower (1927) - 9" tall WWI era tower, resembles a lighthouse. Exterior lithoed with red bricks, WWI era tanks, soldiers, and cannon. Includes embossed base, midsection ring, and cap with support arm holder. 

Cross Country Flyer tower with hanger (1928) - 17½" tall, Tallest of all the Marx towers and probably the most difficult to find. Includes two piece tin litho orange hanger with fold down, hinged door and separate conical girder tower with cap. Hanger lithoed with windows and mechanics working on a biplane. 

Sky Bird Flyer (1947) - 9" tall, multicolored lithoed air control tower with capped roof. Passengers entering terminal shown on tower cylinder. Air control guys lithoed on roof. Toy name plus zeppelin and monoplane lithoed around the base. 

2) Daisy, Buzz Henry : Cap Pistol and Rifle parts

Daisy - plastic stock with part of steel frame. Also has the twin barrel spring "holders" 8" long. 

Daisy - two rod mounted springs for double barrel shotgun 10½" long, steel 

Daisy - embossed steel barrel frame 4" long. 

Daisy - rifle trigger guard, 2½" wide. black lithoed steel. 

Daisy - steel rifle trigger plus mount, 1¼" long (without including mount)

Buzz Henry - parts of die cast 1950 cap gun repeater. Included barrel, both frame halves with trigger guard, hammer, hammer ribbon spring, trigger with spring mechanism. Overall assembled length 7½".

Sold: Jan.2009

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