1961 Marx, Sparkling Burp Gun on Original Card

1961 Marx, Sparkling Burp Gun on Original Card

"Really loud! Vibrasonic chamber produces realistic machine gun sounds when you pull the trigger. Single shot or automatic fire. High impact plastic, metal firing mechanism. $2.33."

The sentences above were used to describe the Marx Sparkling Burp Gun as it appeared in the 1961 Sears Roebuck catalog. Looking more like a gangster's sub-machine gun the toy looks like it was never played with. It's in near mint+ condition and is attached to its original backing card with its original factory, black rubber bands. 

The gun works great and it indeed makes a very loud RAT-TAT-TAT sound. The mechanism is friction driven and needs no batteries. In fact, squeezing the trigger more frequently produces a continuous "melody" of symphonic rattling. The toy is all one piece with permanently attached bullet cannister. It has a stationary sight. Actually, the trigger is the only moving part of the gun. 

Although it's advertised as sparkling I could find no place where it would accommodate a replacement flint or grinding wheel. I believe that this model never sparkled, but used an identical card for a sparkling gun (if one was ever produced). 

The cardboard backing card is die cut and printed on one side in yellow, orange, black, and white. It features a small illustration of a hooded commando in the yellow section below the stock. The black rubber bands are original as I mentioned. The rear one is twisted, but since it's fragile I didn't want to try to straighten it out. 

Size: 18".

Sold: Jan. 2008

Price Sold: $ 76


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