c.1947 General Toy Product Flying Planes In Original Box

c.1947 General Toy Product Flying Planes In Original Box

Very little is known about the Canadian company that produced this toy. General Toy Product was located in Toronto, Canada. From the scant information I could find, the company manufactured primarily push and pull Gong Bell and Fischer Price toys. No reference could be found to this tin litho mechanical "Flying Planes" toy. In fact, I could find no other tin litho mechanical toy that was manufactured by them. It's complete, all original, and works great. It also comes with it's original box.

This carousel type toy resembles those U.S. toy manufactured by Reeves and Buffalo Toy. It's all tin litho with a steel rod in the center. It's powered by gravity and "manpower". Pull out the spiral rod. Pushing down causes the rod to twist which spins a carousel canopy (green with black underside) holding three identical monoplanes; red, green, and blue. The planes dangle from metal rods. Centrifugal force causes the planes to move outwards the faster it spins. The canopy connects to a three legged pedestal, which is permanently attached to a circular blue and red base. Simple enough toy, but still fascinating to watch.

The box is all text. Printed on only two of the four main panels is the toy name, a simple instruction to operate the toy, company name and address and that's about it. The endflaps also include the toy name, catalog number, and country of origin. The toy is unmarked making it nearly impossible to identify without having the box.

Size: 7" tall

Sold: Jul. 2008

Price Sold: $ 338


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