1960 Marx, Ben-Hur Sword, Scabbard, Shield in Original Box

1960 Marx, Ben-Hur Sword, Scabbard, Shield in Original Box

Both unusual and unused best describes this three piece, steel litho "Ben-Hur" set in its (recently opened) original box. Made by Marx, of course, it includes shield, scabbard, and sword. The box has its original insert. Actually it's a difficult toy to find in any condition.

The all-steel shield is lithoed with multicolored details representing the ancient Roman period. The reverse side is solid blue with a chrome plated steel handle. The front features a central image of an encrusted jeweled sword handle with rays emanating behind it. Recalling the infamous chariot race, I particularly like the three chariot riders. The remaining graphics need no description. Two remaining points about the shield; it has 16, ½" wide, raised embossed circles, or rivets around the entire perimeter. They're ¾" from the edge. Secondly, the edge was rolled to eliminate sharpness.

The scabbard is also steel litho with folded edges. It's covered with all kinds of imagery on both sides. The reverse side also has its original 3" vinyl ribbon belt loop in place. The sword consists of a hard styrene plastic hilt (handle) with painted jewels and a gray molded vinyl blade. 

Both the shield and handle are lithoed with the "then current" Marx Toys trademark. The sword is not marked, but as you can see by the design it's correct for the set. 

The box is plain cardboard with single color printed text. It's interesting to point out that "official" Marx factory sealing tape was used. The second photo from the bottom shows the Marx trademark printed onto the tape. The original cardboard insert is still inside the box (not shown).

Size: Shield diameter 12½", depth 1¾". Scabbard (not including belt loop or sword) 13" long, 1¾" at its widest point. Sword 17", inserted into scabbard 18¼". 

Sold: Feb. 2010

Price Sold: $ 265


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