c.1955 Mettoy Powerful Gyro Saloon In Original Box

c.1955 Mettoy Powerful Gyro Saloon In Original Box

Fantastic British-made Powerful Gyro Saloon automobile in original box. Beautiful Marx-style vehicle featuring mid-1950s design made from lithographed pressed steel.

Toy was produced in the U.K. with right sided driver placement. Body was embossed with raised fenders and quarter panels. Roof and windows, including dimensionally correct passenger perspective views, were separately attached. Two tone deep orange with pale yellow roof, doors and rear trunk. Nicely lithoed checkerboard grille with headlamps and British style license plates (front and rear). Rear trunk marked "MADE IN GT. BRITAIN". No other markings on the auto or box.

Underside chassis is a single embossed plate lithoed in matching deep orange color. Narrow, treaded tires were made from a glossy and unusual type of rubber. Definitely not plastic, but with a "plastic gloss". Rolled metal edges really give it a Marx-type appearance.

Since it was manufactured by an English company for the English market the name of the toy is also totally English. The term "gyro" is equivalent to a "friction drive" motor. "Saloon" means a large cabin (interior) for the common use of passengers.

The box was illustrated with two beautifully drawn, panel wide scenes in full color. No other text was included on the main panels except for the toy name in small block letters placed in one corner. The drawings depict an accurate representation of the actual toy showing the Saloon as the "family vehicle". Father sits behind the wheel while the three youngsters look out from the back seat. Mother and Junior are shown outside the car. The other two panels show the three older teen-types ice skating. The family Saloon awaits with Father behind the wheel.

Size: 11"

Sold: May 2008 $193

Price Sold: $ 193


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